We are able to offer comprehensive solutions for car park barrier systems.

When planning a barrier system for a car park there are a number of things need consideration in order to select the correct equipment.

Size of Car Park and Frequency of Use

Barriers are rated by cycles per day and speed of operation

They offered to suit all applications and are engineered accordingly. A barrier like the BFT Maxima Ultra is engineered to suit very heavy duty use such as a motorway toll-booth and will obviously will have a much harder life than one securing a company car park with 20 or 30 places. It will need to operate much faster and will have a 3 phase motor although only requiring a single phase supply.

Separate Entry and Exit Barriers or a Single Barrier for Both

If it is required to control entry or exit then it is desirable to have a two barrier set-up. This means having a central “island” with two barriers mounted on it controlling the entry and exit lanes each side. This arrangement allows for access control or intercoms to be mounted in an accessible place for the driver to access from their window.
It is impractical to control access to car parks with a single barrier as cars will either have to drive across onto the wrong side of the road or the driver will have to park and get out of the car to access the intercom or entry device.

Single barrier car parks are really only suitable for free entry and exit or where users have remote controls or the barrier is opened by timer.


Boom lengths range from 1.7m to 8m. The longer the boom the longer the operating time.

Booms can be articulated so they will operate in low head-room car

Boom Support and Locking

Very short booms do not require support when closed but longer ones should have either a fixed or swinging rest.

In areas where the boom might be subject to vandalism the rest can be equipped with a magnetic lock to clamp it down when closed

Revenue collection
Revenue collection systems are available upon request.

Token Exit

Many businesses like to offer customers tokens to allow free exit from the car park. A token acceptor can be installed in a convenient location and the tokens recycled as required.

Free Entry and Exit

Depending on the location it may be desirable to allow free entry of vehicles as this speeds up entry to the car park. Unauthorised use can be discouraged by controlling the means of exit

On other sites it may be better to control entry to the car park but to allow free exit of vehicles.

Free entry and exit is achieved by means of an induction loop in the ground that detects the metal in a vehicle.

BFT Barrier Range

We specialize in BFT barriers which offer a range covering all applications.

Starting with the BFT Giotto with boom lengths of 3-5metres and operating times of 2.5 – 5 seconds this barrier is rated for “semi-intensive” use.

The BFT Michelangelo range offers booms from 5 – 8 metres in length and opening times of 6-8 seconds. This range is rated for continuous use.

The BFT Maxima range is aimed at high speed, very high intensity use with booms from 1.7 – 8m long and the range includes 3 phase models.